Enforcing Border Security

With nearly 12 million illegal immigrants and President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty, the federal government has failed to protect our sovereignty. Ernest knows our porous border is a financial strain on our local resources, and the drug trade is a massive threat to our families’ safety.

Ernest supports the Texas Legislature’s groundbreaking border security package that provides 250 additional troopers and high-tech surveillance to secure our porous border. As our State Representative, Ernest will fight to protect our sovereignty, stop sanctuary cities, and enforce our existing immigration laws.


Cutting Taxes

Ernest knows firsthand the importance of keeping taxes low so businesses and families can prosper. Always a self starter, Ernest grew his small business, Repro Select, into one of the leading deer breeding companies in the state. Today, he successfully serves clients across Texas and the south-central United States.

As our conservative representative, Ernest will strengthen the Texas economy by fighting to cut taxes, reduce burdensome overregulation, slash wasteful government spending, and achieve lasting property tax reform.


Improving Local Schools

As a father of two students, husband of a 3rd grade teacher, and son of a local school board member and former board president, our local education is very personal for Ernest. He knows each student has different needs that cannot be addressed with a big government, one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why Ernest strongly supports the reduction of standardized tests, increasing local control, teachers’ classroom resources, and the ability for parents to have a say in their child’s education.


Ensuring Private Property Rights

The federal government must respect the 10th Amendment, uphold individual freedom, and follow the Constitution. Yet we still continue to see the rapid expansion of big government through the use of eminent domain. As a lifelong rancher and landowner himself, we can count on Ernest to always fight to protect our private property rights.


Growing Our Small Businesses

Coming from generations of hard-working self-starters, Ernest learned from a young age the importance of perseverance and personal responsibility. In fact, Ernest started his very first business at the age of 15. Later, he opened his first office in an old dairy barn – before a tornado blew the roof off! Today, Ernest owns and operates the most successful whitetail deer breeding company in Texas.

As our conservative voice in Austin, Ernest will always fight to cut taxes and reduce the burdensome regulations that harm small business owners. By promoting fiscally conservative policies, he will ensure the Texas economy remains the strongest in the nation and the top model for job creation in the country.


Protecting Life

A strong Christian guided by the Word of God, Ernest believes each life is a precious gift. He supports the complete defunding of Planned Parenthood and will fight for conservative policies that protect the lives of the unborn, sick, and elderly.


Defending Our 2nd Amendment Rights

A lifelong gun owner, Ernest supports open carry legislation and opposes any effort to limit our Constitutional right to own and carry firearms. He is an avid outdoorsman, a member of the NRA, and has taught his boys the value and responsibilities of gun ownership. Like the Founding Fathers, Ernest knows that an armed citizenry is a safe citizenry.


Preserving Our Water

A clean and reliable water supply is crucial to our economy and well-being. With a background in ranching, Ernest has a deep connection to the land and knows that to thrive, we need to preserve and manage our limited natural resources wisely. We need a conservative like Ernest, who understands our water needs and local interests, to fight for our rural community in Austin.