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For 8-year-old Ernest Bailes, starting work at 2 am on the family dairy and cattle operation was an everyday routine. Born and raised in San Jacinto County, Ernest worked seven days a week and was expected to pull his fair share. He learned to work hard, recognizing from an early age that success does not come without sustained effort. The values instilled early in his life are what continue to drive him today.


Upon graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Animal Science, Ernest started his company, Repro Select, a business focused on whitetail deer genetics. Starting with little more than a computer in the corner of the old dairy barn and some second-hand equipment, Ernest built Repro Select into a highly successful business and today, serves clients all across Texas and the south-central United States. Ernest’s dynamic and diverse background has led him to help drive and develop some of the largest conservative policies in Texas.

Relying on his business acumen, rural background, and conservative values, Ernest has earned the reputation of being a highly reliable policy advisor in both Austin and Washington D.C.. His work in agriculture policy has extended globally and led him to visit New Zealand, Brazil, and Mexico, to name a few. Ernest believes his core conservative values are what help him achieve personal and business success, and he’s ready to fight for those values whenever and wherever needed.


Ernest is deeply pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, and as our State Representative, he will fight to cut taxes, secure our border, and protect our water and property rights.

The Bailes family is deeply committed to strengthening our local schools. Ernest’s wife, Courtney, is a school teacher at Coldspring-Oakhurst CISD, while his mom, Susan, was a local school board member and President. The Bailes family strongly believes our local parents and teachers know what’s best for our children, not bureaucrats who aren’t familiar with our community and way of life.


Ernest and Courtney have been married 19 years and have two sons, Cinco and Rigby.  The Bailes family attends Evergreen Baptist Church. 

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