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87th Sessions: A Proven Conservative Record

  • Securing Our Border - voted to provide more than $1.8 billion in additional funding to help secure the southern border through an increased law enforcement presence and the construction of walls and other physical barriers.


  • Passing a Balanced Budget - voted for a balanced, fiscally responsible state budget that reduces spending overall by $13.5 billion. 


  • Banning Critical Race Theory in Schools - passed legislation prohibiting the teaching of so-called “Critical Race Theory” or other politically-motivated concepts which promote the idea that one race or sex is inherently superior to another. The bill emphasizes the foundations of American government, its structure and function, and the founding documents of the United States of America.


  • Securing Our Elections - cosponsored legislation to secure our Texas electoral process by making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. SB 1 of the Second Called Session brings fairness and uniformity to Texas elections by addressing many of the extraordinary voting practices (like 24-hour early voting and all mail-in voting) that were inconsistently applied by certain counties in the state following the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Supporting Law Enforcement - coauthored legislation to prevent liberal cities like Austin or Houston from “Defunding the Police'' and ensure that law enforcement has the resources and training they need to keep us safe.


  • Reducing Property Taxes - fought to lower property taxes across the state by increasing the standard homestead exemption from $25,000 to $40,000.


  • Protecting the Unborn - coauthored the Texas Heartbeat Act (SB 8), which prohibits abortions once an unborn child's heartbeat can be detected. Representative Bailes also supported SB 4, which prohibits sending abortion-inducing drugs through the mail or delivery service. 


  • Defending the Second Amendment - coauthored Texas’ new “Constitutional Carry'' law, which allows law-abiding adults to carry a handgun for their personal protection without the need for a government permit. HB 1927 helps restore the right to bear arms as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.


  • Protecting the Freedom to Worship - helped pass legislation to prevent the closing of churches or other places of worship by the government and declaring religious organizations and their activities as “essential” at all times.


  • Expanding Access to Rural Broadband - coauthored legislation creating the Texas Broadband Development Office to help extend reliable, high-speed internet access to rural and underserved areas across Texas.


  • Improving Public Education - coauthored legislation to increase funding for public schools, improve funding equity across all Texas school districts, and eliminate all non-federally mandated STAAR tests.


  • Supporting Our Retired Teachers - provided a “13th check” to Texas retired teachers, increased the state's contribution to the Teacher's Retirement System (TRS), and allocated over $890 million to maintain health insurance premiums and benefits through TRS-Care.

  • Protecting the Privacy of Texans - voted to protect the sensitive personal information of Texans by banning the sale of personal data from state agencies.

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