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Bailes Co-Authors and Passes Strongest Border Security Package in Texas History

Nov 15, 2023

Yesterday, State Representative Ernest Bailes and fellow House Republicans passed SB 3 and SB 4, constituting the strongest legislative border security package in the country. These measures will now proceed to the Governor’s desk.


Senate Bill 3 allocates $1.5 billion for border security and the construction of a border wall, as well as $40 million to the Department of Public Safety for border operations and law enforcement in the Colony Ridge development in Liberty County.


“I'm extremely proud to have contributed to the passage of these protective measures for Texans,” said Bailes. “It's evident to my constituents that the federal government has fallen short in its duties on our southern border. When Washington D.C. fails to protect us, Texas steps up. The additional funding for Liberty County law enforcement will support the growth my rural district has experienced, and I'm thankful to witness these resources directly benefiting House District 18.”


Senate Bill 4 grants law enforcement officers the authority to detain individuals entering Texas unlawfully, with increased penalties for repeat offenders. After appearing before a judge, unauthorized entrants will be transported to the port of entry and directed to return to their country of origin.


In previous legislative sessions, Bailes collaborated on and successfully passed measures to elevate the mandatory minimum sentences for human smuggling and stash house operations, increase penalties for the manufacturing of fentanyl, and designate drug cartels as terrorist organizations.

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