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State Representative Ernest Bailes Announces Re-Election Bid

Dec 5, 2023

State Representative Ernest Bailes announced he will seek re-election for his fifth term, furthering his unwavering commitment to the residents of Hardin, Liberty, San Jacinto, and East Montgomery counties.

Reflecting on his tenure in the Texas House, Bailes emphasized a legacy marked by substantial victories and the fulfillment of promises made to constituents. "I have remained steadfast in tirelessly representing House District 18, and I take pride in my solid conservative record," Bailes said.

During the recent legislative session, Bailes passed, authored, and supported key pieces of legislation including the securing of over $5 billion for the construction of the southern border wall, strengthening law-enforcement's authority to deport illegal aliens, implementing the largest tax cut in Texas history, and advocating for a cost-of-living adjustment for retired Texas teachers.

Ernest Bailes has consistently been a proactive force in addressing critical issues. Recognizing the importance of connectivity for rural communities, he co-authored legislation to help provide reliable, high-speed internet access for underserved areas in Texas. Bailes has staunchly supported law enforcement, voting against any efforts to defund the police, and emphasizing the crucial role they play in maintaining public safety. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Bailes helped Texans recover and rebuild, collaborating with local charities to establish shelters and distribution centers, and even orchestrating air drops of critical supplies for those in need.

Over the years, Bailes has garnered widespread support and endorsements from conservative leaders and organizations such as Texas Alliance for Life, the National Rifle Association, the Texas Association of Firefighters, the Texas Farm Bureau, the Texas Forestry Association, the Texas Association of Business, Texas Oil and Gas Association, and the Texas Cattle Raisers, among many others.

As a Member of the Texas House, Bailes has garnered priceless experience from appointments to influential committees, including Agriculture and Livestock, Corrections, Economic and Small Business Development, Energy Resources, Land and Resource Management, and Rules and Regulations. Presently, he serves as the Chairman of both the Texas Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus and the General Aviation Caucus.

Expressing gratitude for the continued support from his family and the community, Bailes affirmed his dedication to seeking re-election. "My constituents have not only my word but my record of results. I will persist in upholding the values I have consistently exhibited, working diligently to address real issues affecting people's daily lives."

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